Special Situation Investment Opportunities

Exploiting arbitrage loopholes that allow small investors to generate low risk profits.

This site covers special situation investment ideas and arbitrage loopholes with short term catalysts. All investment opportunities are tied to some specific corporate actions or events that are expected to generate returns in the near future with lower risk. Covered special situations include Odd Lot Tenders, Going Private Transactions, Tender Offers, Spin-offs and split-offs, Liquidations, Merger Arbitrage and others. Unbiased high quality research is provided for each idea.

Previous ideas are free to view for all visitors, however currently actionable ideas are restricted to members only. Currently there are 8 Actives Ideas posted on the site.

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Inactive ideas

Transalta (TA-PD.TO) – Exchange Offer – 2.7% upside

Arbitrage Trade

Upside – 2.7%

Expiration Date - Q1 2017

This idea was suggested to me by one reader of the site – it’s an arbitrage trade in Canadian preferred shares. Upside is tiny, but the deal itself is interesting – so I decided to write it up. I have a small position mainly to track how this transaction plays out.


ZAIS Financial (ZFC) – Tender Offer – 12% upside

Current Price –$14.06;

Offer price – at least $15.36 + $0.4 in dividends, a total of $15.76;

Upside – 12%

The tender offer is expected to be announced at the beginning of Q4 2016 and completed by the end of the quarter. Dividends will be distributed for record holders as of 30th of September 2016.


Coats Group (COA.LN) – Forced Selling – 10% upside

This special situation results from recent forced selling due to delisting from Australia and New Zealand exchanges.

Long investors in Coats Group (listed in London Stock Exchange) stand to make 10%+ if prices revert to back to previous 30p/share vs current GBP 26p/share.