Global Sources (GSOL) – Odd Lot Tender Offer – 10% guaranteed upside

As expected, GSOL has included odd lot provision in their tender offer. Updated details below”

Current Price – $6.81;

Offer Price – $7.5;

Upside – $68 or 10%;

Expiration date –  27 July, 2015;

SEC Filling



Global Sources Ltd. (NASDAQ: GSOL) intends to commence an issuer tender offer by the end of June 2015, with expected completion before the end of July 2015, for up to 6,666,666 shares, or approximately 22.05% of its outstanding common shares as of April 30, 2015, at a purchase price of $7.50 per share in cash.  Global Sources expects to fund the tender offer with cash on hand.  As of March 31, 2015, Global Sources had total cash, cash equivalents and available-for-sale securities of approximately $103.6 million.


No proration for odd lot holders:

Odd lots will be accepted for payment before any proration of the purchase of other tendered Shares.


Source of Funds:

The Company intends to pay for the Shares purchased pursuant to the Offer, up to $49,999,995, and the related fees and expenses of the Offer, with cash on hand, cash equivalents and available-for-sale securities.  We do not have any alternative financing arrangement or alternative financing plans.