Introducing new Member Ideas section.

First a short foreword. Quite a few of you have shared investment ideas with me, but only a part of them ended up on the site. This was either do to lack of time to investigate them thoroughly or due to my belief that upside was not worth the risk. So usually if I did not take the position, I did not share that idea with the rest of community. Which is a pity, because some of these ideas actually ended up being quite profitable and other members might have profited from them. Thus I started thinking how to facilitate the idea sharing and discussion between members and not act as gatekeeper.

And this is where the site section ‘MEMBER IDEAS’ comes in.

In this section you will see all the ideas that have been submitted by the members of Special Situation Investments and you are welcome to share yours as well. The only requirement is that this must be a Special Situation type opportunity (vs. more general valuation cases). Write-ups can be short and further thoughts can be elaborated during subsequent discussion. However, write-ups should cover some background, potential upside, key risks and expected timeline.

Currently there are no possibilities to allow members to post the ideas directly, so it would still need to go through me (send anything you want posted to [email protected]) and I will do my best to repost everything promptly on the site.

Keep in mind that Member Ideas will not appear in the home page of the site. Member section is completely separate. The same goes for ‘Recent Comments’ on the right had side – comments made on member ideas will be separate. So be sure to check out the Member Ideas section regularly.

I intend to regularly distribute a newsletter (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis – depending on amount of activity) to inform on any new ideas or important developments on the ideas posted previously in the Members section. But I will not be sending an e-mail with every new post (you will still get an e-mail on all new ideas posted on the main site).

Your suggestions and comments on how this could be done better are more than welcome.

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