GlobalSCAPE (GSB) – Odd Lot Tender – 14% Upside

Current Price – $3.95

Tender Price – $4.0 – $4.5

Upside – 14% (if priced at the upper limit)

Expiration Date – September 19, 2018

SEC Filling


GlobalSCAPE launched $15m tender offer to purchase 15%-17% of outstanding shares. There is also an odd-lot provision. Tender will be funded by cash on hand. With shares trading below or at the lower limit, odd-lot holders have risk free upside in case the tender ends up priced higher than $4/share.

However, insiders own 42% of shares and at least four of them have indicated intentions to participate in the tender. Neither amounts nor price were specified.

GSB traded at $3.5 prior to tender announcement and over the last 5 years has only briefly breached $4.5/share threshold (May-Aug 2017), most of the time staying in the $3-$4 range.

Due to points above I would expect tender to be oversubscribed at $4 level.

For those interested in GSB beyond the tender there is a good VIC write-up and discussion on the company.  GSB has recently gone through turbulent period of restating financials, internal investigation and large cost cutting lay-offs.



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  1. Quite surprisingly final tender price was $4.2 and proration at this price was 77%.


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