About Me

I am a private investor posting my research on SSI and managing my own capital full-time. I have a few years of experience in investment banking and strategy consulting in London and a few finance degrees under my belt. Event-driven setups are my daily bread and butter. I sift through hundred+ of opportunities every month before picking out a few attractively looking gems for deeper research. I am constantly looking for setups with a catalyst and where my research could give me an edge. Most often I find that in less discovered small/microcap names. All of the previous investment pitches published by myself as well as other SSI subscribers are in the public domain here and here, so you can review those before deciding if SSI subscription is for you.

I launched Special Situation Investments back in 2014. What was initially meant to be a personal blog grew into a full-scale platform for discovering, discussing, and sharing various event-driven investment opportunities and arbitrage trades.

If you are interested in getting in touch, I am happy to connect on Twitter or Linkedin. Or just drop me a line at [email protected].