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ZAIS Group (ZAIS) – Going Private – 23% upside

Current Price – $3.25

Acquisition Price – $4.00

Upside – 23%

Expiration Date – TBD

This is a microcap arbitrage opportunity  that was suggested by one of the members (thank you Ivan). CEO is willing to take this failed SPAC private at 23% premium to current share price.

Emtec (ETEC) – Reverse Stock Split – $800 Gain

Current Price – $1.01

Offer Price – $1.05

Upside – 4% or $800 for holders of 19999 shares

Expiration date – not announced yet

SEC Filling

Trading Strategy:

Buy 19999 shares of ETEC and wait for reverse-split to take place, at which point the shares will be cashed out.


On April 30, 2013, a Special Committee

Cimetrix Inc (CMXX)- Going Private Transaction – $199 upside

Current Price – $0.14

Offer Price – $0.15 (for holders of less than 20,000 shares)

Upside – 7% or $199 for holders of 19,999 shares

Expiration date – TBD

SEC Filling

Trading Strategy:

Buy 19999 shares of CMXX and wait for the reverse-split


To accomplish the reduction in the number of record holders of the Common Stock,

Monarch Cement (MCEM) – Going Private Transaction – $599 potential

Current Price – $29.00

Offer Price – $30.00 (for holders of less than 600 shares)

Upside – 3.5% or $599 for holders of 599 shares

Expiration date – 5th Dec 2014 shareholder meeting to decide whether to proceed with the proposed transaction

SEC Filling

Trading Strategy:

Buy 599 shares of MCEM and wait for reverse-split after

Kent Financial Services – Going Private Transaction – 17% upside

Current Price – $1.5

Offer Price – $1.75

Upside – 17%

Expiration date – Not announced Yet

SEC Filling


The Board has approved a 2-for-1,771,175 reverse stock split (the “Reverse Split”) such that shareholders owning less than one whole share of our common stock following the Reverse Split will have their fractional shares cancelled

Pendrell (PCO) – Going Private – Potential for 18% upside

Current Price – $6.36

Expected Cash-out – $6.55-$7.5

Upside – 18%

Expiration Date – expected by June 30, 2017


In the base case this trade has only $20 upside, but there is an embedded free option which might or might not materialize. It is definitely an interesting case from educational perspective.