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Vote for Member Idea of the Month – March Edition

Huge thanks to all the members who have shared their special situation ideas. Looking forward to hearing more interesting trades from you. And now it is time to determine the best member idea for March.


Updates (Nov 2017)

Before digging into updates I would like to thank members who are actively contributing with their investment ideas and valuable commentaries. I am very happy with the investor community we have on the site and I am looking forward to further cooperation and dialog.

If you have any interesting special situation ideas or any other suggestions for the site, feel free to reach out at info@specialsituationinvestments.com.


First a short foreword. Quite a few of you have shared investment ideas with me, but only a part of them ended up on the site. This was either do to lack of time to investigate them thoroughly or due to my belief that upside was not worth the risk. So usually if I did not take the position, I did not share that idea with the rest of community. Which is a pity, because some of these ideas actually