Hanover Bancorp (HNVR), mcap=$139m, price $19.11 vs $21.13

– Community bank at 1.07x TBV and 6.4x PE. Cheaper than peers.
– The market was recently disrupted by a wave of M&A of other community banks.
– Branch-lite bank.
– Focuses on specialty niches – deposits from municipalities, SBA program, PPPl lending and etc.
– TBV CAGR of 10%.
– Loan-to-value of the mortgage portfolio stands at 55%.

– 1.07x TBV compares favorably to peers at 1.29x.
– Earnings multiple of 6.4x ’22e compares to peers at 9.2x.
– ROA of 1.3% and ROTCE of 14% match peers.

Exp. gain: +20% to $25/share.

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