Oyster Enterprises Acquisition (OSTRW), mcap=$280m, price $0.17 vs $0.20

$OSTR pitch:
– Pre-deal SPAC warrants, sponsored by the most ruthless vulture hedge fund Alden Global.
– The market underestimates the chances of the deal getting done and prices in mostly liquidation.
– 10x upside on warrants upon de-SPAC.
– Might be one of the rare SPACs with actual positive ROI.
– Alden has a great track record in buying newspapers, cutting costs to the bone, and milking them for cash.
– 40 years of anecdotal evidence of them making a lot of money on distressed purchases.
– Led by Randy Smith – one of the best and most successful distressed investors of all time.
– Alden/Randy is allergic to losing money – and therefore unlikely to simply liquidate the trust after investing $6m.
– Has till Jan’23 to consummate the transaction.
– De-minimis closing risks as Alden can source its own funding and is not reliant on PIPE markets.

$OSTR valuation:
– 5-year warrant for de-SPAC equity that trades at $10 should be worth $1.50 to $2.
– A possible 10x return from OSTRW’s current price.

Exp. gain: 10x if the transaction is consummated.

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3 thoughts on “Oyster Enterprises Acquisition (OSTRW), mcap=$280m, price $0.17 vs $0.20”

  1. Hello, what do you think about their PRE 14A and DEF 14A? Do they really want to liquidate or are they just rolling through the motions to avoid litigation because of the 2023 Excise Bill? Randall Smith and Heath Freeman alongside Alden Global will be the ones who get hit the hardest should there be liquidation. But looking at their ‘forward-looking’ statements, they seem to have targets?

  2. Today the warrants went from 0.0004 to 0.0065 before coming back down, volume spiked to 650k. Wonder whats happening


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