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Please share your Quick Idea using the form below or drop us an e-mail on [email protected].

Quick Ideas section is for short posts on potentially interesting and actionable investment ideas with more emphasis on making the situation available to members quickly after finding it and less emphasis on the extensive initial research and preparation of full write-up. Quick ideas do not count towards contributor access applications.

The aim is not only to get the core case info quickly on SSI but also to encourage members to share more. I get that writing extensive write-ups is not something everyone loves doing or has time for, so hopefully, this format will attract more participation.

Make sure that the idea has a special situation edge –  the investment thesis should have a clear catalyst coming from some type of corporate action with an identifiable upside. General value ideas will not be posted. Geography is not limited to the U.S., thus any global opportunities are of interest.

It would be appreciated if in your findings alongside the basic transactional information you could also provide your take on the essential points of the case – main risks, what the market is missing etc. The more detailed your coverage is, the more beneficial it is for the community and the more likely it is to receive some feedback. Nonetheless, if you’re really short on time – just a link to the source will do. As the name suggests this is meant to be for Quick Ideas.

Use this feature also to share the research you spotted somewhere else on the web (credit will go where credit is due).

For each submission we will run some additional research, expand the write-up on our side where necessary and then post to SSI. We will aspire for 2-3 workdays turnover on each case, but as always happens it might take longer eventually. We will try not to act as a bottleneck, but some screening/selection might be necessary to avoid overloading the section with weak or non-actionable cases.