Share Your Hints and Ideas

SSI thrives on member participation
Our investor community greatly benefits from contributions by our members, therefore, feel free to participate in the discussion threads and share your investment ideas. Do not be shy in asking questions – these are always answered promptly by the SSI team or other members.

Share your investment ideas
All members are encouraged to share their investment ideas – not only will you receive opinions/feedback from SSI investor community, but you can also apply to become a contributor and receive free annual membership – see requirement below.

Or simply drop us a hint on an interesting case
If writing extensive write-ups is not your thing, you can also contribute by sharing a quick Idea  or simply dropping us a hint on the case – we will do the rest for you. For every interesting submission we will run some additional research, expand the write-up on our side where necessary and then post to SSI

Even if you saw it somewhere else on the web
Also feel free to share an idea (or just a link) you spotted somewhere else on the web – credit will go where credit is due.

Your hints / ideas should be sent to [email protected].

Apply for Free Contributor Access

Free full SSI access for contributors
Share special situation investment idea to apply for free membership and receive full access to the site. The write-up has to be exclusive for SSI. Applications will be considered within a week and we might respond with additional questions.

We are interested in special situation opportunities only
The investment thesis should have a clear catalyst coming from some type of corporate action with an identifiable upside. General value ideas without special situation edge will not be considered – there are numerous other venues for sharing and discussing these.

Geography is not limited to the U.S
We are interested in opportunities globally – preferably these should be accessible for trading through Interactive Brokers

Standards for becoming a contributor are set high
Only actionable investment ideas with supporting high-quality research will pass the review. Successful applications usually have write-ups of at least 500 words, which is often required to fully articulate the investment thesis as well as highlight the relevant risks. However, there is no strict limit to the length of the thesis.

Certain certain investment cases will not be considered
Situations related to odd-lot provisions will not be considered for membership applications. A standard M&A spread arbitrage (especially for large cap names) are often of limited interest, but if you have some edge on a specific M&A deal and can explain what the market is missing, feel free to share it with us.

Ongoing membership requirements
All contributors are required to share at least 2 ideas per year in order to meet annual membership requirements. Posting the first idea during a specific membership year gives access to the site for 6 months, posting the second one extends this to a full year.

Existing paying members can also apply
Existing subscribers are invited to apply whenever they choose. If the application is successful, the 6 months (can be extended by sharing further ideas) contributor access period will start after the end of the current billing cycle and subscription charges will be suspended during the period.

Your membership application write-up should be sent to [email protected].