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Pendrell (PCO) – Going Private – Potential for 18% upside

Current Price – $6.36

Expected Cash-out – $6.55-$7.5

Upside – 18%

Expiration Date – expected by June 30, 2017

In the base case this trade has only $20 upside, but there is an embedded free option which might or might not materialize. It is definitely an interesting case from educational perspective.


Cimetrix Inc (CMXX)- Going Private Transaction – $199 upside

Current Price – $0.14

Offer Price – $0.15 (for holders of less than 20,000 shares)

Upside – 7% or $199 for holders of 19,999 shares

Expiration date – TBD

SEC Filling

Trading Strategy:

Buy 19999 shares of CMXX and wait for the reverse-split


To accomplish the reduction in the number of record holders of the Common Stock, the Company will effect a reverse stock split of its outstanding Common Stock, whereby each 20,000 shares of Common Stock outstanding as of the effective date of

First Physicians Capital Group (FPCG) – Going Private Transaction – $220 Upside

Current Price – $0.44

Offer Price – $0.55

Upside – 25% or $220 for holders of 1999 shares

Expiration date – not announced yet

SEC Filling

Trading Strategy:

Buy 1999 shares of FPCG and wait for reverse-split after the shareholder meeting (meeting date has not been set yet)


The Board has authorized a 1-for-2,000 Reverse Stock Split, subject to stockholder approval at the Meeting. The intended effect of the Reverse Stock Split is to reduce the number of record holders of our common