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Alstom (ALO) – Tender Offer – 28% price differential

Current Price – Eur 27.27

Offer Price – Eur 35

Upside – 28%

Expiration date –  20 January 2016

Tender document

Alstom is listed in France

This is a materially different tender compared to the ones usually posted on this site. So do your own due diligence before making the purchase.

Alstom is buying back 30% of the outstanding shares. There is no odd lot provision. The largest shareholder (Bouygues, 29% holding) has indicated that it will tender the shares, therefore I would

Copart (CPRT) – Odd Lot Tender Offer – $200 potential upside

Current Price – $39.05

Offer Price – $38 – $41

Upside – 5% or $200 (if the upper pricing limit is used)

Expiration date –  23 December 2015

SEC Filling


Copart, Inc., is offering to purchase up to 7,317,073 shares of our common stock, $0.0001 par value, at a purchase price not greater than $41.00 nor less than $38.00 per share. This offer represents approximately 6.1% of CPRT outstanding shares as of November 23, 2015

No proration for Odd Lot holders:

First, we will purchase